Health-e Pro is continuing to grow both the number of customers we serve, and the number of team members we have serving them. We are honored to welcome new customers to our community, including districts, food service management companies, caterers, and CACFP centers. We are committed to providing best-in-class menu planning and nutrient analysis software that streamlines operations and ensures compliance. With our expanded team, we are better equipped than ever to offer top-notch service to our customers.

Stay tuned to this blog as we unveil our newest team members over the next few months. We’ve added quite a few people (but haven’t said goodbye to any of our existing team members in over two years!). It’s our pleasure to introduce them and highlight how their roles will positively impact your experience with our software. These are the folks handling feature requests, the continuous updates to our Support Articles and Trainings, and the smooth rollout of new features. They are dedicated to serving the needs of professionals like you in the foodservice industry. Our aim is to empower you, enabling you to excel as a foodservice professional.

We recognize that your expertise lies in menus, ingredients, and recipes, while our focus is on software. What sets Health-e Pro apart is that a significant portion of our company, including the entire Customer Support team, has firsthand experience working in child nutrition. Many of us have served as foodservice directors, state reviewers, or have worked at state agencies. Moreover, all our Support team members are Registered Dietitians. So, when we say we understand your challenges, it’s not mere lip service–we truly have walked in your shoes.

Additionally, not only does our Customer Support team have firsthand experience on the frontlines, but they utilized our software while managing their programs. As a result, they possess a comprehensive understanding of Health-e Pro from both perspectives: both as a foodservice professional, and supporting the foodservice professional. They not only know precisely where to find every feature within the software but also how to fully leverage its capabilities. With their guidance, they can help you tailor your experience to meet the unique requirements of your program, ensuring that you make the most of what Health-e Pro has to offer.

It’s one thing to know how to build a menu with recipes from scratch. But what if you’re looking to access recipes used by neighboring districts that drive participation and share the same distributor? How can you streamline the menu-building process to save time and increase efficiency? What if you want insights into areas of your program that require attention so that you can optimize operations and identify potential cost savings, enabling you to provide your hardworking staff with well-deserved raises? Our team has walked in your shoes and is committed to helping you harness the full power of Health-e Pro.

At Health-e Pro, we are thrilled with the remarkable progress we’ve made in the Child Nutrition space over the past couple of years. The significant growth of our team and the warm reception from new customers, including districts, foodservice management companies, caterers, and CACFP centers, reinforces our commitment to delivering best-in-class menu planning and nutrient analysis software that streamlines operations and ensures compliance. With our expanded team, we are better equipped than ever to provide top-notch service to our valued customers. Learn more about our new employees and how they’ll serve our customers here: 

Kim Coleman: Director of Technical Operations

Amy Krehly: Project Manager

Kristi Brennan: Success Manager

Kelly Filus: Success Coach

Ross Schonhoeft: Regional Sales Manager

Jennifer Frank: QA/Project Manager

Jessica Krug: Support Coach