Data Entry

From Ingredients and Recipes to Pricing

Save Time

Data entry is the foundation of menu planning. Detailed and accurate information is essential to set up your school nutrition program for success.

Save Money

Health-e Pro’s reports can help you save significantly. Fundamental to your success is the accurate data behind the reports, which Health-e Pro ensures with data entry.

Stay Compliant

Our team will systematically make sure your data is correct so you can feel confident that crediting and documentation are exactly how they should be to stay compliant.

“I can’t say enough good things about your customer service and support! And because of y’all being so conscientious I have been singing your praises and two districts around us have jumped on board with Health-e Pro. Goooooooo TEAM!”

– Linda Klamfoth, Food Service Director,

Big Walnut School District

Ingredients and Recipes are the base for your menu planning. The correct details within ingredients and recipes are essential in the menu planning process. Health-e Pro provides data entry that will help you get started with the software.

The steps are easy:

  1. Provide us with your ingredient information
  2. Provide us with your recipes
  3. We enter the information into Health-e Meal Planner

During data entry, our team of experts will review any crediting or compliance issues to ensure the data is correct. With these steps completed, you can plan your menu confidently, knowing the ingredients and recipes are accurate.

Pricing Data provides foodservice administrators additional information, ensuring you get the most out of Health-e Pro. Manage pricing for your recipes within your menu by getting the total cost for the amount you plan to prepare! Once the ingredient costs are entered, Health-e Meal Planner calculates the cost of a recipe and the cost of the menu–saving you significant time and allowing you to more easily stay within budget.

That was easy

Data Entry can be time consuming, so leave it to us to enter your data. Our team offers other helpful services.

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