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So you can focus on menu planning

Save Time

Save hours of data entry by letting us enter in your product information or even performing a mock review for AR success.

Save Money

Save significant labor hours by letting the experts do the heavy lifting, freeing up your time for other important tasks.

Stay Compliant

More than just software, our services bridge the gap between what you have and what you need.
Services were well worth the investment–it saved us a great deal of time, significantly decreased our stress level, and resulted in a clean administrative review. Janis Campbell-Aikens

Child Nutrition Services Coordinator, Auburn SD

EZ Review

The EZ Review service is a mock administrative review that examines your menu planning data for your review week and reveals any errors and provides an explanation of correction.


Checking that all proper documentation is attached and updated.


Verifying all serving sizes and meal components are correct.


Making sure all recipes have proper ingredients and all meal contribution calculations are accurate.


Ensuring planned numbers are in line with weekly standards.

Data Entry

Software requires data in order to function as intended. Why should you spend your valuable time entering the data that you need? Our Data Entry service takes the load off your shoulders.

Pricing & Cost

Pricing data provides foodservice administrators additional information, ensuring you get the most out of Health-e Pro. Manage pricing for your recipes within your menu by getting the total cost for the amount you plan to prepare!

Ingredient & Recipe

Ingredients and Recipes are the base for your menu planning; therefore each must be correct in order to ensure compliance. The details within ingredients and recipes are essential in the menu planning process.

Allergens & Attributes

The Allergen and Attribute service is a way for your district to help accommodate special diets. Special Diets are increasing within schools, and Health-e Pro has a solution to accommodate!


Allergen documentation can be attached directly to the ingredient.


Allergens and attributes are entered in to your recipes.


With setup complete, allergens & attributes are ready to be viewed and filtered.

More information is waiting.

Easy-to-use software to plan and publish your menus. Services to get you up and running quickly, all while staying compliant.

What is the Health-e Meal Planner?

Our robust menu planning software will take care of your menu planning and publishing needs. See the magic for yourself.

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