Success Review

Examining Data For Accuracy

Save Time

Spending hours reviewing your data to make sure it is accurate? Let our experienced team save you time by analyzing data and making detailed corrections.

Save Money

Think you can’t afford a Child Nutrition R.D.? Think again. Our team of R.D.’s will show you the correct way to enter data–saving big in the long run.


Stay Compliant

By using Success Review Service, you can preserve your nutrient data integrity and know crediting and compliance has been confirmed by experts in the industry.

The OSPI specialist commented on the HACCP steps being right in the recipes. She really liked that. Thank you again, so very much. YOU GUYS ROCK!

Sharon Robertson

North Franklin SD

Health-e Pro’s nutrient analysis is only as good as your data, so it is important to make sure all input data is accurate. This is where our team comes in. We are committed to making sure your information is accurate. We want to help you do what you need to do: know the rules, ensure your data is set up correctly, and help you best use nutrient data software.

Accurate data leads to accurate analysis, ordering, and financial reports–and then success in all other aspects of your business! We ensure the integrity of your nutrient data by checking for correct calculations and components. Success Review is done by the week.

A 2017 average of EZ Review customers showed a 30% error rate with data entry and component miscalculation. Let us help you get the most out of your software with Success Review!

That was easy

You’ve got the right software; now make sure you’ve got the right data. Our team offers Success Review as well as other helpful services. 

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