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Meal Crediting

Learn more with the full recording and presentation of slides from the webinar. We discussed how crediting can be one of the most challenging parts of child nutrition–but it’s also essential.

How To Re-Invest In Your Program

Ron Jones shared his wealth of knowledge and experience from decades in foodservice. Learn how Ron and his team turned the Spartanburg District program around to be profitable using data. Access the full webinar recording, presentation slides, and more!

Rise Vision Digital Signage

Learn from Rise Vision and Health-e Pro how quickly and easily you can get set up with Digital Signage, with easy-to-use templates and software built for the non-technical user.

Marketing Your Program

See what tips and tricks Pisanick Partners and Health-e Pro share to market your program, from learning why foodservice directors are the best-kept secret in food service, to finding an overlooked way to increase participation.

Preparing For Your Virtual Site Visit

After watching this webinar with the experts at LunchAssist, you’ll know the answers to some key questions, like what will menu compliance look like for a virtual site visit? And can we account for supply chain issues?

Preparing For An Administrative Review

In this webinar with two former state reviewers, you’ll learn tips and tricks to pass an Administrative Review, including specific ways to prepare yourself, your program, and your data for a Review.

Anna Apoian Leadership/Followership

If you’ve ever wondered the interplay between leadership and followership and what traits you have of each to help in your role, this webinar with Anna Apoian, SNA Director of the Year, will both delight and interest you.

Meal Crediting

From the experts at ProTeam, you can learn the nitty gritty details of meal crediting, from the methodology behind the USDA school meal programs, to crediting best practices such as what to keep in mind when making substitutions.

Rethink & Renew

If you need to refocus and think about your program a little differently, this webinar is for you. With Maureen Pisanick of Pisanick Partners; Mandy Curry of Healthy Kids, Inc.; and Deepa Deshmukh, Inland Empire Foods; we discuss pain points over the past year and how to move forward.

Financial Fitness

This 90-minute course helps you better understand your bottom line, from understanding income and expenses to meals per labor hour, we cover all the basics so you can get your finances fit.

The Menu Drives Your Business

The menu drives everything else in your operation: How many hours can the staff work? What should we charge for a la carte chips? What if we can’t get sausage patties for breakfast? All your decisions come back to how you have planned the menu. In order to drive your program to success through the end of 2020 and beyond, learn how to manage costs, increase participation, and how to piece it all together.

Promote Your Program

How can you better use My School Menus to promote your program? Maureen Pisanick dives into ways to use sidebars, images, and links within My School Menus to make sure you’re getting the word out about your great program.

10 Tips In 15 Minutes

Drawing on their extensive experience in school foodservice, Linsey LaPlant and Renelle Leinbach of Health-e Pro, offer succinct tips and tricks about how to increase participation in your program, while making sure to put some smiles on your kids’ faces.

Writing Recipes Right For Child Nutrition

With Health-e Pro’s Linsey LaPlant, walk through writing a recipe for NLSP so you can better understand how to make sure you’re crediting appropriately.

New Normal Webinar (Part 1)

Covid brought about a lot of change for Child Nutrition, especially in school districts. In the first of this two-part series, Kristen Lindorf and Lynn Shavinsky of Health-e Pro walk through what this New Normal looks like, and some possibilities for moving forward from here.

New Normal Webinar (Part 2)

Building on the first part of this two-part series, Jen McNeil of LunchAssist and Maureen Pisanick of Pisanick Partners walk through actionable ideas of preparing and serving during this unique time with Covid.

Writing CACFP Recipes Right

Walk through how to write a recipe for CACFP guidelines so you can better understand how to make sure you’re crediting appropriately, with Health-e Pro’s Linsey LaPlant.

It’s All About The Menu!

Join Health-e Pro founder Meg Chesley, and Child Nutrition expert Mary Begalle in this webinar. They’ll demonstrate how understanding the menu guides every successful endeavor–from hitting your break-even point, to the logistics involved in introducing a new ramen bar–and how to be sure you’re pulling the right levers to get the results you want.

Back In Session: Preparing For The Fall

Learn how the extension of SSO through the 2021-2022 school year offers you an opportunity to increase both program participation and revenue, and how you can take advantage of that.

Bring Your Own Questions

You had burning questions, and we had answers. From questions around program design to menu planning and staffing to service, the experts here at Health-e Pro offered answers.

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