EZ Review

A mock review to put your mind at ease

Save Time

Triple checking to make sure everything is in order? Let our team of reviewers save you time by making sure your data is accurate for your review week!

Save Money

Rather than spending countless extra hours to prepare for a review, our EZ Review service frees up your resources by verifying ingredients, recipes and menus.

Stay Compliant

You can feel confident knowing your review week has been checked for crediting and compliance issues by experts in the industry who have worked as state reviewers.

“Health-e Pro changed the way our company was able to organize and fly through our AR’s every year. Before we transitioned to Health-e Pro, I had the misfortune of working through our AR season without the software. Health-e Pro has made the process extremely seamless, less daunting, and manageable. I do not have enough kind words to say about the company, and I recommend Health-e Pro to any USDA-approved program operators. Thank you for your incredible team and ongoing support to make sure our meals are compliant and organized!”

Lynley Connor

CEO, TopNotch Catering

The EZ Review Service is a mock administrative review that examines your menu planning data for your review week and reveals any errors and provides an explanation of correction.

Once the week of review is completed by the menu planner, we review the following:

Finally, we provide you with a detailed report of errors that would result in fiscal action, as well as corrective action.

We have 20+ years of experience in conducting state agency reviews and have helped districts pass reviews with flying colors.

An average of EZ Review customers showed a 30% error rate with data entry and component miscalculation, leading to corrections that help you pass your review.

That was easy

Feel confident and calm going into your review–we can make it a breeze! Health-e Pro offers other services to ensure your success.

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