In our continued commitment to serving our customers with excellence, we are thrilled to introduce our newest team member, Jennifer Frank. Jennifer joins us as a skilled professional with a passion for both nutrition and software development, making her a valuable asset to our Health-e Pro family.

On a personal note, Jennifer hails from the beautiful town of Fort Collins, Colorado, where she indulges her love for outdoor activities like skiing, hiking, and running. When she’s not exploring the great outdoors, Jennifer enjoys experimenting in the kitchen, especially when it comes to cooking with freshly ground grains and dabbling in fermentation to create kimchi and sauerkraut. She shares her home with her husband and two shepherd mixes, who keep her company during her culinary adventures.

Professionally, Jennifer holds a degree in nutrition and dietetics. Her journey into the software realm began when she entered the child nutrition programs sector, working for InTeam and Nutrislice in various roles. With experience in quality assurance (QA), writing scripts for development, implementation, and support, Jennifer brings a wealth of expertise in the child nutrition software space.

At Health-e Pro, Jennifer will be taking on the crucial roles of QA and Project Manager. Throughout the release cycle, she will make sure that everything functions flawlessly and meets our high standards. Jennifer will put our software through its paces, ensuring a smooth user experience for our customers.

What drew Jennifer to Health-e Pro was our company’s commitment to innovation and the nurturing environment we foster for our team members. The involvement of our founder, Meg Chesley, and her dedication to mentoring and supporting her employees stood out to Jennifer. She is excited to collaborate with other members of the Product Development team, leveraging her technical skills to create synergy within the department.

Jennifer’s attention to detail and love for problem-solving make her a perfect fit for the meticulous work of QA. She approaches her tasks with the same enthusiasm as she does her morning crossword puzzles, delving into the intricacies and ensuring that every aspect of our software performs flawlessly.

We are thrilled to have Jennifer join our team at Health-e Pro, and we know her dedication and expertise will contribute to delivering the best possible solutions and service to our valued customers. Please join us in welcoming Jennifer who, along with our other recent hires, help make Health-e Pro the innovative and customer-centric company it is.

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