At Health-e Pro, we are fortunate to have passionate and experienced professionals like Amy on our team. With over 14 years of expertise in Child Nutrition, Amy brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to our organization. Previously serving as a Registered Dietitian at a food service management company, she possesses a deep understanding of developing nutritious, kid-friendly menus that comply with federal regulations. Her extensive background in menu planning, nutrient analysis, and administrative reviews made her a natural fit for our team at Health-e Pro.

Amy’s decision to join Health-e Pro was driven by the company’s exceptional reputation for outstanding customer support and user-friendly software. Amy told us, “When I saw the services provided, that’s when I knew this company was more than a software program. I had never seen another company out there like this before, and I knew I had to be part of it.” Amy’s passion lies in helping school districts simplify their menu planning and nutrient analysis tasks, allowing them to focus on the essential task of providing healthy meals to students.

As Health-e Pro’s Project Manager, Amy oversees the Services team. Her main focus lies in the services we offer, coordinating and organizing all the moving pieces to make sure the customer gets set up quickly and seamlessly. With her expertise, she ensures that timelines are established, meetings with customers are conducted, and all tasks are completed on schedule. Amy primarily oversees QuickStarts, one of our flagship services, along with Silver Platter, our more comprehensive service. In addition, she plays a crucial role in coordinating the deployment of team members to address specific customer needs. Her role as a liaison ensures efficient collaboration between multiple stakeholders, ultimately ensuring that projects are successfully completed.

Amy’s journey in the field of Child Nutrition began during her dietetic internship, where she initially intended to specialize in clinical pediatric nutrition. However, after experiencing a rotation in School Nutrition, she discovered her true calling. Over the past 13 years, Amy has worked as a Regional School Dietitian, initially focusing on nutrition education and outreach. Her role gradually expanded to encompass menu planning and recipe development using software solutions.

When asked what surprised her the most since joining Health-e Pro Amy responded, “the exceptional level of support provided by the company. The personalized, one-on-one assistance offered sets Health-e Pro apart from other software providers.” Amy also acknowledged that menu planning software can be intimidating for some users, but the comprehensive support available at Health-e Pro has consistently impressed her.

Among the standout features of Health-e Pro’s software, Amy finds the Global Recipe Database remarkable. Having previously experienced the tedious process of manually importing recipes into a cloud-based system, she recognized the immense time-saving potential of Health-e Pro’s solution. The ability to import ingredients effortlessly and efficiently was a game-changer for her. However, as Amy settled into her role, she discovered a new favorite feature: My School Menus. She describes it as user-friendly, visually appealing, and equipped with fantastic graphics. The language translation, allergen filtering, and Build-A-Meal functionality for carb counts were features that she found particularly helpful. As a parent, Amy appreciates how easily accessible and informative My School Menus is for parents seeking information about their child’s school meals.

Interacting with customers has been a rewarding experience for Amy. Working closely with K-12 foodservice management and staff has been truly inspiring. She admires their resilience, innovation, flexibility, and creativity, especially during challenging times.

What Amy loves most about serving in the foodservice and Child Nutrition space is the profound impact you can have on children’s lives. She recognizes the incredible importance of ensuring access to nutritious meals for students. Amy emphasizes that everyone involved, from menu planners to directors, staff, managers, and the software support team, plays a vital role in this mission. As a dietitian and a mother of young children who consume school lunches daily, she deeply appreciates the significance of their collective efforts.

Amy’s excitement about her role at Health-e Pro stems from witnessing the founder, Meg Chesley’s, passion for the field. She recognized that the company’s commitment to Child Nutrition mirrored her own aspirations. Amy’s skillset perfectly aligns with Health-e Pro’s objectives, as she combines her expertise in writing recipes and menus with her proficiency in software utilization. She finds fulfillment in providing support to customers, and empowering managers and directors to focus on their primary task of nourishing children. Amy emphasizes that the ultimate common goal shared by everyone at Health-e Pro is ensuring that kids receive healthy meals, and she takes pride in being part of that mission.

Health-e Pro is grateful to have Amy’s dedication, expertise, and genuine passion for Child Nutrition as we continue to revolutionize menu planning and nutrient analysis in an effort to make a positive impact on school districts nationwide.

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