At Health-e Pro, we are dedicated to continuously improving our menu planning software and providing the best experience for our customers in the Child Nutrition space. We are thrilled to introduce Kim Coleman, our Director of Technical Operations, whose exceptional skills and passion for menu planning will elevate the software experience and make it even better for our valued customers. 

When asked about what impresses her most about the software, Kim highlighted the comprehensive library of recipes and items readily available. She emphasized the accuracy of the data, which sets Health-e Pro apart from other software options. Kim has experienced instances where other software claimed to have extensive databases but fell short in terms of completeness and cleanliness. In contrast, Health-e Pro manually–and tediously!–updates any changes made by manufacturers, ensuring that the data remains accurate and up to date. This data accuracy enables menu planners to stay on top of sodium reduction targets and other nutritional considerations effortlessly.

Kim expressed her love for serving in the foodservice/Child Nutrition space: “This is a close-knit community of passionate individuals who see their work as more than just a job. And I feel privileged to be part of this industry and I am excited to contribute to its progress through my work here at Health-e Pro.” 

Kim’s journey in the foodservice industry began at an early age.  Her mother was a school Food Service Director in Kentucky and Kim literally grew up learning the business from her. Kim’s passion for school nutrition led her to pursue a degree in dietetics, with a specific focus on school nutrition. After working as a menu planner in Florida, she joined the Department of Education in Kentucky, where she helped districts understand compliance and navigate the meal pattern requirements. Kim’s expertise caught the attention of a software company, and she worked as a consultant before transitioning into a development role. Her determination to expand her skills led her to pursue training as a product owner, providing her with a solid foundation in software development.

Kim’s primary focus as the Director of Technical Operations is to develop tools that alleviate administrative burdens for menu planners, allowing them to concentrate on their core mission of feeding children. She is eager to contribute to the development of features that make menu planning more efficient and enjoyable, and to collaborate with various departments to ensure successful project implementation.

During our conversation with Kim, we asked her about her favorite feature in the latest release of Health-e Pro’s software. She enthusiastically shared her excitement about the drag-and-drop functionality, which injects an enjoyable aspect into menu planning. Kim appreciates the significance of software advancement and how Health-e Pro consistently strives to enhance the user experience. With the introduction of drag-and-drop, creating menus becomes a quick and enjoyable task, allowing users to simplify the menu planning process and have more fun in the process.

Kim Coleman’s unique background, extensive experience, and passion for menu planning make her an invaluable asset to Health-e Pro. Her role as Director of Technical Operations allows her to leverage her expertise to enhance the software experience for our customers. Kim’s dedication to streamlining menu planning processes and her commitment to supporting the foodservice industry align perfectly with Health-e Pro’s mission. 

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