At Health-e Pro, we have the privilege of working with dedicated professionals who bring a wealth of experience and expertise to our team. One such invaluable member is Kristi Brennan, a Registered Dietitian and Success Manager who plays a vital role in our mission to inspire leaders in child nutrition. Kristi brings a decade of experience in the field, a deep understanding of the industry, and heart for service to her role as the head of our Customer Success team.

Before joining our team, Kristi worked extensively in Child Nutrition at both the state and local levels. Her experience involved guiding districts through compliance requirements, developing healthy menus, and promoting meal programs to ensure optimal nutrition for students. Today, as a Success Manager at Health-e Pro, Kristi is dedicated to helping our customers maximize the benefits of our menu planning and nutrient analysis software.

One of Kristi’s primary responsibilities is to support our coaches, ensuring they have all the necessary resources to assist our customers effectively. She acts as a bridge between the Success team and the Product team, conveying customer feedback, ideas, and feature requests for future enhancements. By collaborating closely with the Product team, Kristi helps shape the software to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Kristi also oversees the Support Desk, where her team handles all incoming customer inquiries, whether through emails, phone calls, or occasionally, screen-sharing meetings. Any reported bugs or issues are diligently addressed by Kristi, who confirms and documents them before sending them to the Product team for resolution. Her meticulous approach ensures a seamless flow of information between our customers and the development team, enabling efficient issue resolution and continuous improvement of our software.

What sets Health-e Pro apart is the exceptional level of support we provide to our customers, and Kristi embodies this commitment. Each week, she diligently reviews the feedback received at our Support Desk, where customers can rate their experience on a 5-star system and provide comments. Remarkably, customers feedback on thousands of tickets over the past four years has consistently remained above a 4.9 star average. Kristi attributes this success to the shared background and expertise of our team, as well as the speed and thoughtfulness of our responses. “Since we’ve all worked in the field, we understand the unique challenges faced by our customers, from compliance inquiries to credit calculations. This firsthand experience enables us to provide prompt and accurate responses, fostering a supportive and partner-like relationship with our customers,” Kristi said.

“The positive reviews we receive are a testament to the personalized support our coaches provide. Customers appreciate the dedication, knowledge, and genuine care that our coaches bring to every interaction. They often highlight the coaches’ ability to understand their questions, offer thorough explanations without making them feel overwhelmed or unintelligent, and go the extra mile to ensure their needs are met. Building such strong relationships with customers is a key differentiator for Health-e Pro, as it fosters trust, satisfaction, and continued success.”

Kristi’s passion for Child Nutrition, coupled with her expertise in supporting our customers and enhancing our software, is invaluable to Health-e Pro. Her commitment to empowering success and driving positive outcomes for districts is evident in her daily interactions. With Kristi on board, Health-e Pro continues to redefine the landscape of Child Nutrition, delivering extraordinary solutions and unparalleled support to our customers nationwide.

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