At Health-e Pro, we pride ourselves on the collective expertise and experience of our team members. Today, we want to shine a spotlight on Ross, a newer member of our team, who brings over two decades of Food Service Director experience in Texas school districts. With his deep understanding of program management, and a passion for making directors’ lives easier, Ross is an invaluable contributor.

With an impressive background as a former user and fan of Health-e Pro’s software, Ross knows firsthand the impact that comprehensive data and key performance indicators (KPIs) can have on program success. He understands that managing a successful program goes beyond simply serving meals. It involves strategic decision-making based on insights derived from data analysis. Ross’s wealth of knowledge and expertise spans a wide range of areas, from recipe development and ingredient selection to team management and vendor relations. His multifaceted experience enables him to address the diverse challenges faced by Child Nutrition professionals.

One particular passion for Ross is helping directors understand the factors that impact food and labor costs. Through his extensive experience in managing Texas school districts, he has acquired a keen eye for identifying cost-saving opportunities and operational efficiencies. By utilizing Health-e Pro’s software, he has witnessed firsthand how data-driven decision-making can optimize menu planning, reduce waste, and enhance overall program performance.

Beyond his expertise in cost management, Ross excels in fostering collaborative relationships with vendors. As a director he understood that strong vendor relations play a pivotal role in securing quality ingredients and ensuring timely deliveries. By maintaining open lines of communication and leveraging his industry experience, Ross was able to negotiate advantageous terms that benefitted both the program and the students they served. Now that he is part of Health-e Pro, Ross continues to foster those relationships because, as he says, “we’re all just trying to serve kids.”

We are proud to have Ross as a vital member of our team at Health-e Pro. His extensive experience, deep industry knowledge, and commitment to leveraging technology for program optimization make him an invaluable resource for our customers. Whether it’s navigating complex financial considerations or streamlining operations, Ross is dedicated to helping our customers achieve their goals. With Ross and our dedicated team by your side, you can confidently streamline your Child Nutrition program and focus on what matters most—providing nutritious meals to students and nurturing their overall well-being.

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