At Health-e Pro, we have the privilege of working with experts who not only understand the intricacies of Child Nutrition but have also experienced the impact of our software firsthand. Before joining the company, Kelly Filus used Health-e Pro as a food service director for two districts. When she was ready for the next step in her career, she reached out to us because she loved using our software and working with our team. Her experience as a School Nutrition Director,  Registered Dietitian, and user of the software, plus her absolutely delightful personality, made her a natural fit for our customer success team.  

Kelly’s expertise lies in the onboarding process, where she assists customers in seamlessly transitioning to Health-e Pro’s menu planning software. 

During the onboarding process, Kelly guides customers through each step; gradually building their proficiency and familiarity with the software. In a typical onboarding, customers can expect to have around four sessions, with each session building upon the previous one. The initial sessions focus on the basics, helping customers understand the core functionalities of the software. As they progress, they delve deeper into the software’s capabilities and learn advanced techniques to optimize their operations.

One of the highlights of the onboarding process is the personalized attention and one-on-one support provided by Kelly and the team. By working closely with customers, they ensure that every question is answered, and customers gain a comprehensive understanding of the software’s features. Kelly’s firsthand experience as a School Nutrition Director enables her to provide valuable insights and practical tips for success based on firsthand knowledge.

While the Learning Management System (LMS) plays a significant role in the onboarding process, Kelly emphasizes the importance of customers actively engaging with the resources available. By proactively utilizing the LMS, customers can grasp the fundamentals of the software more efficiently, allowing the onboarding sessions to focus on advanced functionality and getting the most out of the software for their specific program. The rock star customers are the ones who take the time to watch the training videos and explore the resources provided. The ultimate goal of the onboarding process is to empower customers to become proficient and self-sufficient in using Health-e Pro’s software.

When asked if she had a favorite feature, Kelly struggled to find just one. However, she said she’s particularly passionate about the new average use calculator feature. This powerful tool helps reduce waste and enhances forecasting accuracy, enabling programs to optimize their resources and make informed decisions.

All of us at Health-e Pro are thrilled to have Kelly on the team. Her expertise, dedication, and commitment to helping foodservice directors thrive make her a perfect fit to serve our customers. We are honored to partner with districts across the nation, and Kelly’s support is instrumental in ensuring their success.

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