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The Trouble With Grains

Banishing the #1 Challenge to Administrative Review Compliance Are you stressing over your upcoming administrative review? As a multi-state reviewer over the past 5 years, I’ve looked at hundreds of menus across the United States and they all seem to have one thing in...

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What to Feed Kids Who Eat Gluten-Free

When we think of making a menu that kids will like, we think of pizza, hamburgers, burritos, and pasta. We think of pancakes, waffles, muffins, and sweet rolls. We think of things common to the standard American diet. Unfortunately for someone who has Celiac disease,...

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Saving Mealtime One Bite at a Time

Picture this, you have prepared a dinner for your family filled with all the healthy foods you know are good for their growing bodies; a protein, whole grain, vegetable or fruit, and a source of dairy. Everyone is sitting around the table happily eating, loving every...

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We ❤ Change

Change. No one seems to like it, yet everyone experiences it. Change is as sure as the sunrise and like the sun, we all are touched by it. What I really think we don’t like about change, is that all too often we have no control over it. Change is just seemingly thrust...

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