Let’s face it, menu planning can be a daunting and challenging part of any director’s day. But Health-e Pro can help you menu plan with accuracy and efficiency! Here are the top 10 reasons to make the switch and start the new school year ready to deliver delicious, nutritious, and compliant meals. Streamline your menu planning systems all while saving time and money!

#1 – Dollars Matter

Use the dollars you do have to avoid spending the dollars you don’t have. Your menu drives your whole business. Good, easy to use, menu planning software is the foundation of what you do. Whether you need to cost your menu, document your compliance or ensure you have enough food on hand to meet the demand, it all begins with solid menu information. Errors, duplication of effort or last minute changes all result in more time expended This is directly related to your cost of doing business whether it’s labor cost, marketing cost, food cost or administrative cost. Health-e Meal Planner is designed to be an efficient tool for you to manage your business well. Time and dollars matter and we are dedicated to saving you both.

#2 – Multiply Your Time Savings

You and your staff touch the same information many times a day. Menu planning, production records, website updates, and creating purchase orders all need the same information. Health-e Meal Planner puts all that information in one easy to find, easy to use place. Not only do we make the menu planning process faster and easier, we let you make use of the work you’ve already done and use it elsewhere. Finding it all in one place as a central information source means greatly reduced errors transferring or entering the same data elsewhere. When Review time comes, you’ll already have done most of the preparation. We’re USDA compliant, cloud-based, and accessible at each site. Join hundreds of school districts who are leveraging their time with Health-e Meal Planner menu planning software.

#3 – Easy Data Startup

We know that changing software or transferring data is often a great concern for new customers. If your data is all up to date the way you like it, our Data Entry Services will help you move it easily. Not so sure you really want to bring your old, not quite up to date data into new software? Our software comes preloaded with over 2000 nationally recognized products AND over 1000 ready to use recipes. This database is continually growing and the best part is–we maintain it and keep it current annually. Our team of nutritionists can even create YOUR customized database to get you up and running in no time!

#4 – Human Connection

We know that planning a menu, navigating meal patterns and staying compliant can be challenging at times. At Health-e Pro, we strive to MAKE IT EASY with Health-e Help Desk – our help and support team! Not only is our software simple to use, but we offer world class, US-based support! We provide FREE training that is included with the purchase of Health-e Meal Planner. Also included are monthly webinars and when you need to talk to someone, we have a support team that won’t rest until they’ve helped resolve your concerns. Their goal is to ensure YOUR success. Our help and support pages are also available to you anytime and include sophisticated search features, articles, and webinars that get you the help you need when you need it.

#5 – Admin Review Success

State reviews are stressful and time consuming! Let Health-e Pro lighten your burden with our 100% Guaranteed EZ Review Service! You can rest easy knowing that your menus and nutrient information meet USDA requirements. Our team of experts have a keen eye, with over 20 years of experience in state reviews and school lunch operations. Our EZ Review Service offers trainings, detailed pre-review services and works with you every step of the way.

#6 – Documentation Simplified

Product labels can be a pain to track down, not to mention keeping them organized. And just when you have finally collected them all, the product changes again! The Manufacturer Marketplace will be a sweet song to your ears. Inside the marketplace, you’ll find over 2000 child nutrition products and their supported documentation to keep you compliant. It gets even better! Enjoy over 1000 recipes from popular child nutrition resources and manufactures all in one place. This virtual filing cabinet has your label collection needs covered and helps keep you compliant.

#7 – Streamlined Purchasing Process

Purchasing products is an extension of your menu planning process. Don’t do the work twice– product information, pricing, quantities are already available. Our Purchasing Module allows you flexibility to create Purchase Orders with information sorted the way you need it. This new and exciting module will help you simplify the purchasing process, save time and manage your costs. It’s available now and can be integrated as part of our menu planning software, Health-e Meal Planner. Ask about a demo and see what Health-e Pro can do for you!

#8 – Love Special Diets

Managing all the different dietary needs of students and staff can be cumbersome. Relief is here with My School Menus! Let your students, parents, and faculty filter allergens, select menu attributes and use the build-a-meal feature for ultimate control. You can enjoy our easy, one-click, menu publishing feature to post to your website and the mobile app! No need to worry about last minute changes with this amazingly easy system.

#9 – Go Green

Being green is the responsible thing to do. Saving paper saves trees and helps the environment. When it saves money too, everyone wins! With our easy one-click ability to post menus on line or to our MySchoolMenus Mobile App, there’s really no need to print thousands of copies of monthly menus anymore. One-click does it all without importing, exporting or re-working your data. It is that easy! Build the menu. Click the publish button. Boom! Done!

Paper Saving Calculator

#10 – The Fun Comes Back

Put the FUN back into menu planning. Our users report that menu planning is enjoyable again! You’ll find satisfaction watching your menus turn green to show that all the regulations are met. You’ll celebrate greatly reduced data entry times and the accomplishment of meeting your food cost goals with the real time menu costing tool. You’ll be able to go into state reviews with CONFIDENCE, knowing that you can have 100% menu planning compliance. No more worry. Be happy–with Health-e Pro!