Paper, paper and more paper.

Operating a School Lunch Program means paperwork. From production records to menus, it’s no surprise that a huge cost of operating is the cost of producing and printing documentation. We can help! Go paperless with Health-e Pro! You can save money and save trees. Check out how much YOU can save today!

See what you can save with Health-e Pro.

Paper Savings Calculator

Total Saved

Annual Cost savings for printed menus*: $

Annual Cost savings for production records**: $

Total Cost Savings for Materials: $

Trees Saved Annually:

*Menu calculator based on a commercial grade printer at $0.10/sheet.
**Production record calculator based on an office grade printer at $0.25/sheet.
Your costs may vary.


You can save thousands of dollars each year with Health-e Pro! The average school district saves approximately $2,000 annually.

Did You Know?

One tree equals 8,333 sheets of paper. Visit Conservatree for more information.

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