Have you seen our latest Health-e Giving project? It’s our Fall Give-a-thon and we’re so excited about it! This time of year, with #GivingTuesday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hanukkah, is the perfect time to look outward and see where great good can be done.

Until December 19, Health-e Giving is matching all donations, and then working with Food for the Hungry to ensure children worldwide can be nourished. We learned about some pretty incredible opportunities when meeting with Food for the Hungry. Did you know that $12 can build a school garden in Peru, feeding 600 students for 8 months? Or did you know that $20 buys two chickens that can offer 10 eggs per week, or 5,200 eggs in a lifetime, so a family can be nourished?

For several more weeks, any donations you make to Health-e Giving’s Fall Give-a-thon will be matched by Health-e Giving, so your money can go farther in helping nourish kids and families across the globe.

What’s really cool is that there’s an additional benefit to you as the giver: each donation and each social share enters you to win a salad bar for a school of your choice–generously donated by Cambro!

free salad bar

If you make a $20 donation, you get 5 Salad Bar Giveaway entries. A $100 donation gets you 50 Salad Bar Giveaway entries. Each social media share earns you 1 Salad Bar Giveaway entries. Keep sharing, keep donating, and we’ll match whatever you do!

We’re so eager to help bring good food and good nourishment to kids and families across the globe, and we appreciate your efforts in helping us get this message out there!

Click Here to visit the Fall Give-a-thon page!