How are you celebrating Earth Day in your school? Or in your school cafeteria? In your district’s Nutrition Department?

In preparing for Earth Day, we found a couple fascinating statistics related to paper:

  • The U.S. paper disposal rate has not gone down appreciably despite increased recovery rates. Instead, the increased recycling is just barely keeping up with the increase in demand for more and more paper.
  • The greenhouse gas emission reductions from recycling 10 tons of mixed paper are comparable to preventing the use of 94 barrels of crude oil.

How can you reduce the volume of paper you use in your cafeteria?

Maybe you have thought about going green, but don’t know where to start. Health-e Pro can help. To make waste reduction easier, Health-e Pro offers online production records and interactive, online menus. Each step of the program saves you valuable time and energy while protecting the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.

By using our Paper Savings Calculator, you can see how you can save money and trees–the perfect way to celebrate Earth Day!

Going paperless in your Nutrition Department allows for the most current information readily available to your staff and parents with the click of a button! Health-e Pro’s cloud-based software makes it convenient to share information and makes menu planning easier.

Health-e Pro’s online production module allows production numbers to be entered at one site and with the click of a button, be available to the director at another location. No more paper going back and forth or losing production records. The cloud based technology allows for production information to be shared instantaneously.

Among many other online reports, Health-e Pro allows satellite kitchens to request items via production records and the central kitchen can quickly and easily access the report via their computer and see what is needed to prepare with a few clicks!

To further reduce waste, Health-e Pro provides a usage report based on your production numbers, which allows the menu planner to assess prepared numbers and leftovers within any date range to increase forecasting reliability.

How many menu PDFs are printed each month for your district? With Health-e Pro’s interactive, online menus, you can eliminate paper menus and provide a better alternative that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. With our online menus, parents can filter by allergens and build-a-meal to see total nutrients for menu items. Health-e Pro’s online menus provide features that are not accessible within printed menus, saving you time and money.

Going back to the statistic about recycling at the beginning, think how much you could reduce the greenhouse gas emissions if you switched to online menus! And think how much paper you could save by going to Health-e Pro and having all your menus hosted in the cloud, accessible anywhere, anytime, and on any device!

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