We recently developed a new product that integrates with our Health-e Meal Planner product: My School Menu Boards-with the ability to publish within several minutes from your published, online menus. This new digital menu board software has a modern, user-friendly interface that anyone can pick up quickly and easily. The user interface has a few, simple icons on the left bar to navigate through creating, editing, and publishing, and it only takes a few minutes to configure your digital menu boards. It’s simple.

In fact, we’ve got a great story to share just how simple our digital menu boards software is to use within Health-e Meal Planner.

Meg Chesley, our President and Founder, was in a meeting with some Appspace employees, including one of their original software engineers. Meg wanted to show what we’d been working on, and how we can utilize their software to publish menus to menu boards. Appspace is a software that can integrate with our new digital menu boards to publish to a bluetooth-connected device, like a Chromebit, and then display on a screen.

Asking for a quick demo of our digital menu boards software, they wondered how long it would take.

Meg replied, “Maybe 15 minutes, including any questions and answers.”

The Appspace team wanted to record the demo to have on hand in case they got any questions from our customers using their piece of software in this process. They pressed Record and Meg proceeded to demonstrate our new digital menu boards software for them.

When Meg was finished, they told her, “That took one minute and thirty seconds!”

There weren’t any questions. Because the software was that simple. The software was intuitive. And it made sense.

That’s how all software should be. Software that is built well, with the end user in mind, is simple, intuitive, and seamless. Things make sense. The path to create what you want to create should flow–in this case, digital menu boards that display the meals foodservice professionals are offering to students.

Just like My School Menu Boards, Health-e Meal Planner was created by professionals like you, who understand the importance of good, simple, accurate, menu planning. The professionals at Health-e Pro know that learning new software and collecting all the data can be a daunting task. Everything from our visual pass/fail planning screen to our extensive product database and our tablet-friendly production records is designed to make your job easier–now including digital menu boards!

Are you interested in publishing to digital menu boards using software that is this simple? Contact us here for more information.