Finding the best possible nutrient analysis and menu planning software for dietitians is not an easy task. Fortunately, we are here to tell you how Health-e Pro can help you save time, save money, and stay compliant.

Health-e Pro is a nutrition software that helps you develop recipes and create menus while providing nutrient analysis and business insights. Our menu planning and nutrient analysis software is great in developing menus for schools, hospitals, catering, retail and consulting firms!

As dietitians, you are interested in streamlining your day-to-day activities focusing on advancements in nutrition to keep your customers healthy. That is why our Business Insights Dashboard is so valuable to you. We want to provide a way for you to be able to focus on nutrition rather than worry about budgetary restrictions.  You can discover how things such as waste and food cost fluctuations are impacting your business by using Health-e Pro. Since your menu plan, production, and pricing are all integrated, you will be able to see at a glance key business insights with the click of a button!

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Having been a registered dietitian in a variety of settings outside of K-12 menus, Kristen Lindorf weighs in on how Health-e Pro can have value in many food service settings: “In a hospital, certain micro and macronutrients need to be managed at specific levels for patients with dietary limitations. Additionally, in most cases, funding is often an issue in the clinical setting, thereby making the Business Insights Dashboard even more crucial in the attempt to find creative ways to ensure those dietary requirements are met within those budgetary restrictions.”

Regardless of which type of menu you are preparing, Health-e Pro prepares all the nutritional analyses for you – for both macronutrients and micronutrients. Create a menu and you’ll be able to instantly identify missing meal components, excess sodium consumption, and any red flags in your planned menu. 

In addition, the menu planning software for dietitians integrates with production records, so you are able to pull a prepared nutrient analysis report with the click of a button! 

Health-e Pro has had a huge impact on schools across the nation including the schools that have used Lunch Assist, which is a consulting firm that helps create menus for schools.   Jennifer McNeil, founder and consultant of Lunch Assist recommends Health-e Pro any chance she gets. She was helping with data entry for a school district and commented on how easy it was for a menu planner to use Health-e Pro: “She was able to jump in and start entering stuff. Menus were compliant, without any training. That’s how intuitive the program is. For someone who has a background in nutrition, it’s straightforward. Health-e Pro can help with that because everything is intuitive.”

Jennifer goes on to say, “It’s really easy to get in and make [menu] changes with the click of button. I love the sidebar that tells you if you’re compliant or not at a glance, which most programs don’t have. Most programs, you have to run a report to see if you’re meeting everything. So that’s easy for a menu planner to quickly see if weekly minimums will be thrown off with a change. If you’re over by one calorie, you can see it easy.”

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In addition to being valuable in schools and hospitals, Health-e Pro has also proved reliable for consulting dietitians that work with weight management. Kristen Lindorf, a previous weight management consultant says, “Health-e Pro can be useful in developing menus for clients to follow, creating cookbooks, and running nutrient analyses of eating patterns of the clients. Dietitians can enter in food journals to determine and show the exact starting point of the client, and prepare practical menus for the client to follow as they make changes necessary to improving their health. Knowing exactly where clients are and having information to help them at your fingertips can be cost effective for time and the ability to provide your clients the best information about their current habits and goals.”

In the retail setting, restaurants publishing nutritional values has become standard across the market. A user-friendly nutrient analysis software is a useful tool for the ever-changing menu, especially with more recent market demands for menus to be transparent and health-conscious.  Another significant focus in the restaurant business is managing costs and maximizing profit without obvious public perception of price increases. This leads to creative efforts to manage labor, vendor pricing, and waste. The production records and business insights that Health-e Pro offers are crucial in determining popularity and cost efficiency of menu items as well as trends over time.

Health-e Pro’s nutrient analysis and menu planning software for dietitians has real-time updates to keep up with the current trends in the nutrition world.

Real-Time Updates

You can read more advantages of Health-e Pro from our blog – How Health-e Pro stacks up against other school nutrition software. With some software, it takes 20 clicks to get into a recipe or look at something specific within a recipe. With Health-e Pro, it’s all right there on the same screen. I recently started using one of the newer, cloud-based software out there in my consulting role. I’m helping someone put their menus in, and it’s been very challenging: there are little tabs for everything. Nutrients have their own tab, components have their tab, allergens have their own tab, ingredients have their own tab. In Health-e Pro, you go into a recipe, and it’s all there.

Having used most of the big menu planning and nutrient analysis software now, Health-e Pro is so much more user-friendly, and it is so easy to get the information you need quickly. –Renelle Leinbach, Administrative Reviewer