Silver Platter

Let us be the sous chef for your software. We'll prepare your data, ingredients, and recipes, so you can focus on the best part: menu planning.

Save Time

Our team will take the data entry off your shoulders so you can spend more time where you’re needed most and have the peace of mind knowing it’s taken care of.

Save Money

Hiring consultants and Registered Dietitians can be expensive, but Silver Platter gives you similar results for a fraction of the cost with our dedicated team.


Stay Compliant

Our team of Registered Dietitians, State Reviewers, and food service professionals will validate your data each Review year–guaranteeing you’ll pass with flying colors!

With Health-e Pro Silver Platter, you have a whole team of Registered Dietitians helping you do the heavy lifting necessary to run a successful program. Never worry about updating ingredient documentation, data entry, or recipe crediting calculations again.

Silver Platter PDF

Our team will provide recipes and menu templates and training on how to plan compliant menus. We’ll teach you how to enter production records and how to publish beautiful menus for your parents, teachers, students, nurses, and community–they’ll love it! Then when your Administrative Review is scheduled, our team of Registered Dietitians and State Reviewers will validate your data for your review week–so you can be confident and relaxed about your menu compliance and know you’ll pass with flying colors.

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