Don't Settle. Create.

Build Your Custom Suite with Health-e Pro.

Ever found yourself wondering which inventory or POS system to use? Felt underwhelmed by a suite that is like a multi-tool pocket knife: it does everything but it doesn’t do anything well? With Health-e Pro, you can break free from mediocrity by choosing best-in-class software for Menu Planning, POS, Inventory, and more that integrate as well as, or even better, than traditional suites. Our philosophy is simple: Don’t settle. Create.

Collaboration at Its Finest.

Just like your favorite students, Health-e Pro plays well with others. We’ve scoured the industry to find great solutions to meet your needs. Utilizing our API, we’ve partnered with other software companies to allow you to create a cohesive ecosystem tailored to your needs. Whether you need POS, Inventory, Label Printers, or Digital Menu Boards, let us introduce you to our partners and the companies we know will treat you right.

For Us, It’s All About You.

Our journey has taken us across the industry to find partners who not only provide best-in-class products but share our commitment to exceptional customer care. Let’s be honest, sometimes we all need a little help. All of our partners share our commitment to answering your call (or email, or web inquiry, whatever you prefer) and providing you with timely, useful assistance. We’re more than just a menu planning software company; we’re a team dedicated to ensuring you have the best tools at your disposal, supported by values that prioritize your success.

Ready to Elevate Your Menu Planning?

With Health-e Pro, the power of choice is in your hands. Create the system you want, choose the partners you trust, and experience the flexibility our platform offers. Don’t settle for less when you can have the best.

Easily get your Health-e Pro menus on your displays. 

Print nutrition labels from Health-e Pro’s menus.

Technology Partners

A POS partner that cares about customer service the way we do.

Whether looking for inventory or POS, PaySchools works.

When you’re looking for best-in-class inventory, look no further.

Print nutrition labels from your Health-e Pro menus in seconds. 

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