The ultimate menu planning software for schools, CACFP, and other Child Nutrition providers. USDA-approved for K-12.


Did you visit our booth at a tradeshow, and now you’re here to learn a little bit more? We’d love to help. Here at Health-e Pro, we offer menu planning and nutrient analysis software built by foodservice professionals for foodservice professionals. We offer best-in-class menu planning, online menus, a mobile app, digital signage, websites, and the best production records in the industry.


Health-e Pro Menu Planning makes your job easier. With 5,000+ ready-to-use products and 3,000+ recipes in the database, you can plan menus faster than ever. Want to build a compliant menu for the week in 15 minutes? With drag-and-drop and a color-coordinated screen, now you can.


With Health-e Pro, you can publish Online Menus in a matter of seconds. No exporting, no waiting. Students and parents can access menus instantly to see exactly what’s being served, view nutritional information, and filter any allergens or other attributes.


Provide anytime, anywhere access for parents and students the Health-e Pro Mobile App. Menus can be viewed quickly and easily–offering customized nutritional information with just a few taps on the screen, so your students can know what they’re getting every day. Have multiple languages spoken in your district? Language translation is a snap with our App.


With very simple hardware and just a few minutes of setup, you can display menus in your schools with the same intuitive, seamless interface you’ve come to love with Health-e Pro. Quickly and easily display your menu items at Point of Sale for students to see all the items being offered that day. You can pick and choose which menu items you want to display on your Digital Signage, from snacks, to meals, and everything in between.

Digital Menu Board Screenshot Showing Cheeseburger for School Lunch With Menu Text


Health-e Pro Production offers the most powerful tool at your fingertips: forecasting. How do you nail forecasting? How do you minimize waste? With Health-e Pro, we give you a tool that will help you completely manage your food costs, doing what you’re already doing every day: inputting prepared, served, and waste. Health-e Pro takes the data, crunches it up, and gives it back to you in something meaningful and useful, which gives you, the director, the power to run your program profitably.


With Health-e Pro Website, you can promote your program so students, parents, and educators have easy access to all the information they need. Built on a platform that offers flexibility, you can make your website uniquely yours. Share nutrition information and resources in one place, while also offering a one-stop-shop for those looking to make payments or view menus.

Interested to learn more? We’d love to give you a demo so you can see how Health-e Pro can help power your operation.