The ultimate menu planning software for schools, CACFP, and other Child Nutrition providers. USDA-approved for K-12.


Did you visit our booth at a tradeshow? You’re in the right place! Dive deeper into Health-e Pro’s offerings tailored to foodservice professionals. Our comprehensive software suite empowers you with unrivaled menu planning, online menus, a mobile app, digital signage, websites, and industry-leading production records. Let us help revolutionize your program and streamline your processes.


Streamline your menu planning process with Health-e Pro’s powerful tools. With a vast database of 5,000+ ready-to-use products and 3,000+ recipes at your fingertips, you’ll plan menus faster than ever before. Imagine creating a compliant weekly menu in just 15 minutes. Our intuitive drag-and-drop interface and color-coordinated screen make it a breeze. Experience efficiency and ease like never before with Health-e Pro Menu Planning.


Experience the speed and convenience of Health-e Pro’s Online Menus. Say goodbye to exporting and waiting—now you can publish menus in seconds. Students and parents can access menus instantly, gaining a comprehensive view of what’s being served. Explore nutritional information, apply allergen filters, and discover other menu attributes effortlessly. With Health-e Pro, accessibility has never been easier.


Discover the convenience of anytime, anywhere access with the Health-e Pro Mobile App. Experience seamless menu viewing with customized nutritional information at your fingertips. With just a few taps on the screen, students can effortlessly stay informed about their daily meals. Language translation becomes effortless with our app, making it accessible for diverse districts. 


Transform your school environment with Health-e Pro’s intuitive Digital Signage. With minimal hardware requirements and a simple setup process taking just minutes, you can showcase menus seamlessly. Display menu items at the point of sale, allowing students to view all the offerings of the day. Customize your Digital Signage by handpicking menu items to be displayed, from snacks to full meals. Elevate the dining experience with Health-e Pro Digital Signage.

Digital Menu Board Screenshot Showing Cheeseburger for School Lunch With Menu Text


Enter a new era of program management with Health-e Pro’s  forecasting capabilities in Production. Discover how to nail forecasting and minimize waste effortlessly. By inputting your prepared, served, and waste data, Health-e Pro transforms it into meaningful and actionable insights. Take the reins of your program’s profitability, utilizing our powerful tool to manage food costs and drive success.


Discover the power of Health-e Pro Website in promoting your program. Provide students, parents, and educators with easy access to essential information. Built on a flexible platform, you can customize your website to reflect your unique identity. Consolidate nutrition information and resources in one convenient place, while offering a seamless one-stop-shop for payments and menu viewing. Connect, inform, and engage with Health-e Pro Website.


Experience a new level of efficiency and convenience with the seamless integration between Health-e Pro and DateCodeGenie. Say goodbye to manual label printing and tedious data entry as you can now effortlessly print labels directly from your Health-e Pro menus. Ensure product freshness and simplify your labeling process with precise date coding for grab-and-go items. With DateCodeGenie’s ability to print labels anywhere, anytime, you’ll have the freedom to revolutionize your foodservice operations and save valuable time.


Elevate your school district’s digital communications and promote your nutrition program effectively with the seamless integration of Health-e Pro and Rise Vision. With quick and easy setup, your menus will effortlessly display on screens throughout the district, engaging and exciting students with daily menus, nutritional information, and broadcasted messages. Say goodbye to manual updates and save time as your Health-e Pro menus automatically sync, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information on screens.

Looking for more information? We’d love to give you a demo so you can see how Health-e Pro can help power your operation.