We interviewed Amy Coyle from Massillon School District to learn about the impact Health-e Pro has had on her program. What’s been valuable and made for a smoother menu planning process? Let’s see what she had to say:

What do you love the most about working with Health-e Pro?

That’s tough. I love it all. I love that I can know menus are in compliance and visually see if I am missing an item for the day or the week. I love that our parents and staff–especially nurses–rely on our Online Menus for carb counts with students with diabetes and also allergies.

What sold you on getting Health-e Pro?

Knowing that your menus are in compliance with the guidelines. This was my main motivator to bring it into the district.

What has exceeded your expectations with Health-e Pro?

Training sessions were really helpful. When I first started, I had our scheduled training, but I was also able to call and get a hold of someone in a pinch. I found that very helpful; I didn’t have to wait on my training to get my question answered.

What’s the main reason you would recommend our product?

Simple to use, menus are in compliance, and parents and staff can use it for any type of allergy needs. So three things!

Anything else you want to share?

When I first started, I met with our school nurses one on one and taught them how to navigate the website to see nutrients, especially carb count. Now that they use it and are familiar with it, they love it. It has been a great tool for them and made their lives easier than tracking us down for every single menu item.