Health-e Pro Menu Software

For Puget Sound Joint Purchasing Cooperative

Looking to streamline your menu planning? Health-e Pro offers the best, most powerful menu planning software on the market, so you can save time, save money, and stay compliant. What’s even better: the Puget Sound Joint Purchasing Cooperative (PSJPC) has purchased this software for you, so it’s FREE to you.

  • US Foods Bid Items with Co-op pricing
  • Global Recipe database of 4000+ recipes (and growing!)
  • Menu Planning and Compliance

Live Training Opportunities

Join us for an overview of Health-e Pro Menu Planning Software and other modules. Each session provides the same content with opportunity for Q&A at the end.

June Sessions

6/3, 6/10, 6/17, 6/24

August Sessions

8/5, 8/12

Additional Modules Available For Purchase

Add Production Records Today!

The Production Module allows for forecast, prepared and served data to be entered by school for each menu item.  Production is cloud-based and therefore does not require printing of records to send between receiving kitchens or administration. Going paperless has never been so easy!

Add My School Menus Today!

My School Menus by Health-e Pro provides one-click publishing of the menus you create in our menu planning software. With customizable graphics and sidebars, you can easily make eye-catching menus that you can publish in seconds. Your students and parents can filter by allergen or attribute quickly, accessible from anywhere–on any device.

Add My School Menu Boards Today!

My School Menu Boards provides an easier way to manage and display menus on digital displays at all of your sites. Within My School Menu Boards, digital cards can be created to present menus in your cafeteria.

Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions we’ve received from districts. Click on the box to view the answer.

What are the advantages of joining the co-op account?

You will receive updated co-op bid items and pricing.

What information is available in the co-op account?

All co-op bid items, product documentation/nutrition fact labels, distributor, distributor code, purchase unit, purchase unit cost and net weight are included.

Can anyone else see my Health-e Pro data?

Yes, the PSJPC Health-e Pro account administrator.

What happens to my current ingredient pricing if pricing is shared from the co-op account?

Co-op pricing that is shared will override your pricing on global ingredients.

Who is keeping the co-op ingredient pricing information up to date?

Premier Purchasing and US Foods.

Will the PSJPC account be uploading only ingredients from the bid? Or will we have ingredients that are off bid too?

To the best of our knowledge, PSJPC will only be including items on the bid. The user can enter anything off bid in their account.

How will they upload pricing to us when we are all on different tiers?

The appropriate pricing for your tier will be uploaded to your account.

What will the ingredient titles look like? Can we edit the titles?

At this time, all of the ingredients are Global ingredients so they have Health-e Pro standard titles. If for some reason, a global ingredient can’t be used, PSJPC will use the same format used by Health-e Pro. The US Foods number is included in the Ingredient Pricing details but not the title of the Ingredient. As with any Global ingredient, the user cannot edit the title.

Which part of the ingredient will be editable by the district? Will our changes be overridden each time?

Users can edit the Pricing fields in your local account, however, they will be overwritten when the pricing is updated by PSJPC.

Will we be able to change or add weights and measures?

Since these are Global ingredients, the user cannot add or change weights and measures. As with all Global ingredients, you can contact Support and request changes to a Global ingredient and we will accommodate if appropriate.