We recently spoke with Rachel Tilford, Food Service Director at Little Miami in Ohio, about her experience with Health-e Pro, and specifically how Data Entry Services freed up so much time while ensuring data was accurate and consistent throughout the software. Read on to learn more!

What is your favorite thing about Health-e Pro?

It allows me to have everything about my menu in one place.

Before I had Health-e Pro, I would create a menu, but then I would have to enter it into four different places: I would have to enter in for production, the shopping list, nutrient analysis, and a separate parent portal to publish the menu. Health-e Pro has helped me achieve integration. I enter the menu once and it is all there. Health-e Pro has added so much time to my day because I am not having to waste time entering my menu in all these different places.

In addition to saving me time, Health-e Pro allows for me to do a more thorough and accurate job because it is all in one place. When you are entering something in four different places, you are more likely to make mistakes or forget to enter a few numbers, so having it all integrated provides me with more accuracy and consistency throughout my program.

How was the training with Health-e Pro?

All worth it. I cannot thank Health-e Pro staff enough for the time they spent with me and reviewing my menus. I appreciate how the staff are willing to listen to feedback.

During my training, I decided to purchase Data Entry Services to get some of my data entered.

Once I got Data Entry Services done by Health-e Pro, I had all the knowledge from training, so I was able to jump in to my ingredients, recipes, and menus and just make minor changes. The base of my data was already entered into the software. One of the best decisions I have ever made was buying Data Entry Services.

Health-e Pro staff is able to diagnose the problem in the first phone call. There is so much value in quick support. Everybody has been fantastic and responsive.

What is a piece of advice for getting through training and getting data in the system?

Commit to mastering the program. I don’t care how much time I need to put into the program, I am willing to put the time in now because I see the value of what the program provides my nutrition department.

I want everyone to see the value of Health-e Pro software.

I want to learn it more, better, faster! Once I got through training, I didn’t feel intimidated anymore.

What makes you motivated to learn the program more in depth?

What motivates me is what Health-e Pro has done for operations. It has benefited my managers, nurses, and parents, my entire department. I want my data to be perfect. I want Health-e Pro to be the face of my operations and I know the data that comes out of Health-e Pro is only as good as the data that I put in. But it is so worth it.