We spoke with Dawn Rentch at Pomona about how Health-e Pro helps her manage her foodservice program in her district. She is the nutrition service supervisor, a registered dietitian, and also does the menu planning at her school. She has been at Pomona for 5 years, and they have had Health-e Meal Planner for the entire time she has been there.

How does Health-e Pro help support the job you do?

It helps with my menu planning as far as keeping me on track with meeting all the regulations. It is super user friendly. It is super easy to use. It is very intuitive.

Have you used Health-e Pro services before?

Yes, we have used EZ Review Services. This  is the second time we have done it. We had our first review with me on staff 3 years ago. It was super easy to do. The people I worked with was great.

What is the biggest benefit of using Health-e Pro’s EZ Review service?

Having another set of eyes for the data we put in and to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Making sure we are compliant before the reviewer takes a look at it. EZ Review services gives us the opportunity to get things corrected before we have the review. You’re going to look things ten times and still miss something, so having a team of professionals take a look is vital.

The EZ Review team provides a spreadsheet of all their findings. Then if I have any questions, I can call them and get more guidance, which is super helpful. I like how they have their findings broken down into different levels. They highlight any critical findings in red, indicating it needs to be taken care of immediately. Findings highlighted in yellow are not necessarily wrong and don’t have to be corrected but are good to be mindful about. I like that they give us tips and further guidance.

What is another benefit of using the EZ Review Service?

They not only help with compliance, but they teach you about child nutrition. It is super helpful. There is definitely an education piece there. They explain to you the reason you are correcting the items you are needing to fix, so you don’t make the same mistakes in the future. They don’t just say fix this; they go into details so you can correctly plan your menus.

The turnaround was really quick, which saved us time.

Anything else to add?

I love working the software. It is super intuitive. Everybody on the Health-e Pro team is super helpful. Really great customer service and a great product!


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