Financial Fitness

Looking to get your financials in shape? Check out these six 15-minute training videos with Health-e Pro and Pisanick Partners to get your finances fit and ready for summer.

Health-e Pro Testimonial

How has Health-e Pro helped Jen Rex at Plain Local Schools in Canton, Ohio get their finances in shape? Check out this video to see how knowing the numbers–with the help of our software–made all the difference.

Financial Fitness: Warmup

If you think your budget needs to get into shape after dealing with the pandemic over the last year, you’re not alone. This session will talk about income, expenses, and what numbers you need to get to start tackling your budget in an approachable, accessible way.

Financial Fitness: Labor

In this video, Maureen Pisanick and Lynn Shavinsky cover how the overall Labor budget is affected by your Child Nutrition operation. From understanding the different categories of expenses to how to calculate meals per labor hour (MPLH), this session will help you feel more confident in your budget.

Financial Fitness: Participation

One of the most important drivers for revenue in your programs is participation. We cover how to evaluate meals–where a meal lands on the popularity/profit quadrants–and how to drive participation through the menu. What are the current trends? What is popular? What is seasonal? Learn how menu mix and other factors can help as you look to increase participation.

Financial Fitness: Food Cost

Getting down to the nitty gritty of food cost, we cover food cost as a percentage of expense, factoring in food waste, how to look at overall food cost–commodity spend, bid purchases, etc.–and how to calculate food cost per meal.

Financial Fitness: Profit and Loss

This session shows how to pull all the numbers together to finish your Profit and Loss statements (P&Ls). Are the Production Records complete? What’s your MPLH? Monthly income and expenses? And once you have those numbers, how can you present them in a way that’s helpful to your Business Administrator?

Financial Fitness: Administrative Review

Now that your budget is in shape and you’ve got your financials organized, what’s the next step? Preparing for a successful Administrative Review! From menu compliance to service compliance to documentation to Production Records, we cover all the bases here so you can pass your Review with flying colors!


Download the worksheets to the six Financial Fitness sessions so you can make sure you’ve got what you need to get your budget into tip-top shape!