Health-e Pro for CACFP

Menu Planning Software That Has CACFP Standards Built In


We’ll enter your recipes, ingredients, and keep documentation up to date. We’re going to make it easy for you to verify your menus.



With years of K-12 experience, we will credit your recipes accurately for your menus–taking one of the most challenging aspects of menu planning off your hands.


From updating recipes and ingredients, to preparing you for an Administrative Review through our EZ Review service, our team is here to ensure your success. 

Health-e Pro works with many CACFP centers across the country. With the ability to scale recipes quickly and easily and our Silver Platter service that takes data entry, documentation, and recipe crediting calculations off your plate, we help simplify menu planning.

The work you do is complex: managing ingredients, menus, recipes, documentation, and compliance across multiple locations. Whether you serve a single site or thousands, we streamline it. 

Our dynamic software takes away so much of the guesswork around regulations and compliance, so you can be more efficient with your valuable time. As a company built of Registered Dietitians and former foodservice and CACFP operators, we have the expertise to customize our offering to fit your unique needs. And we’re the only menu planning and nutrient analysis software with CACFP standards built right in.

Our Business Insights Dashboard gives you the most important data for your program at a glance, so you can make the best decisions for your unique organization. Whether you want to review Production or meal cost, that information is at your fingers and you can drill down for more details when needed.

Looking for the best metrics across your sites? We can help with that. Needing to quickly check compliance at a glance? We can help with that? Wanting to scale recipes up or down, quickly and easily? We can help with that. We’re built for you.

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*Health-e Meal Planner is USDA-approved for nutrient analyses required in school meal programs and for use in certification of compliance with school meal requirements.