Zen Package

Sit back, relax, and decompress

Happy New Year from Health-e Pro!

We’re seeing folks feeling a bit of Zoom fatigue after 2020 so we wanted to offer something a little different in January 2021: a bit of Zen. Take the time you may have spent attending one of our webinars–30 or 60 minutes–and Zen out. Fill out this form below and we’ll send a little ZenPack your way. Enjoy a candle, lavender essential oil, a cup of tea, and take time without any distractions. Let your mind consider creative possibilities for running your program in 2021. Take a brisk walk. Shut the door and sit in silence. Stargaze. However you decide to Zen out, let our pack support your efforts in planning creatively for 2021. 

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After your Zen session, we’d love to hear about it!

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  • Let us know what creative ideas popped up in your Zen session.

When you do this, we’ll follow up with a special item shipped your way to enjoy and keep you charged up throughout the new year! *For the first 20 respondents