Silver Platter FAQ

Let us be the sous chef for your software. We'll prepare your data, ingredients, and recipes, so you can focus on the best part: menu planning.

Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions we’ve received about Silver Platter. Click on the box to view the answer.

Will Health-e Pro write my recipes for me and figure out how to bring them into compliance?

No, Silver Platter is a data entry and maintenance service.  While we will check the recipes for accuracy, including the crediting, it is the customer’s responsibility to provide standardized recipes and provide any changes necessary to adjust that recipe if it does not meet a standard.

Will Health-e Pro enter my days off and holidays?

Yes, provided a calendar with the dates is provided.

Will Health-e Pro write my menus for me?

No, menus must be provided by the customer, we can only offer suggestions on bringing your menu into compliance.

Will Health-e Pro enter my menus for me every month and make any changes that are needed?

No, Health-e Pro will enter the provided cycle menu into the software and extend it out for the school year. It will be the customers responsibility to make any changes to the menu and fix any areas of non-compliance.

Will Health-e Pro provide training for the customer’s responsibilities?

Yes, we have a detailed learning platform we will provide and meet via zoom to review certain areas and answer any questions.

Can I get additional recipes and ingredients added after the initial data entry is complete?

Yes, we will meet with you every quarter to determine if more recipes and ingredients are needed for use on the current menus.  If you would like additional recipes entered that are not on your current menus you can purchase them in buckets of 25.

Will Health-e Pro publish my menus for me each month?

No. The customer will be provided training on how to use the My School Menus module (if applicable) and be responsible for all publishing.

ModuleCustomer's RoleHealth-e Pro's Role
Recipes• Provide standardized recipes• Complete data entry of recipes provided.
• Review crediting for accuracy
• Maintain contracted recipes annually
• Detailed review of recipes with feedback when up for admin review
Ingredients• Provide ingredient labels and/or access to distributor accounts with downloadable labels available.
• Provide access to distributor accounts for product pricing.
• Complete data entry of local ingredients
• Add pricing data
• Maintain ingredients annually
• Detailed review of ingredients with feedback when up for admin review
Menus• Provide cycle menus
• Provide portion sizes and other details requested.
• Maintain menu and make updates after initial cycle(s) are entered.
• Make changes to the menu if not compliant.
• Copy or create new menus as needed.
• Watch the training videos provided.
• Enter provided menu cycles into the software
• Provide suggestions for bringing the menu into compliance
• Detailed review of menu review week with feedback when up for admin review
Production• Enter production values daily.
• Watch the training videos provided.
• Answer any questions
My School Menus Publishing (if applicable)• Watch the training videos provided.
• Publish menus and maintain media.
• Answer any questions
My School Menu Boards (if applicable)• Watch the training videos provided.
• Create cards and publish.
• Answer any questions