Health-e Pro Production

A powerful tool that's remarkably easy to use

 At Health-e Pro, we understand the incredible value of completed Production Records, so we’ve made it insanely easy to fill them out so you can discover the insightful data they provide. We know the menu drives your business, and having the right data at your fingertips makes all the difference. Health-e Pro Production is designed and built by people who’ve been in your shoes and are passionate about simplifying the process.  

Forecasting is a powerful tool, and Health-e Pro makes it simple. Our best-in-class Production Records give you useful data to make the informed decisions for your program. When pennies matter, the data from Health-e Pro’s Production can help you build a profitable program.

Have you ever found yourself guessing at how many burrito bowls to make? Or digging through filing cabinets to figure out what you did last time? Health-e Pro automatically pulls in historical data, so you can effortlessly forecast how many to prepare next time. Health-e Pro simplifies scaling so you can minimize waste and reduce labor costs, keeping more pennies in the program.

Does your menu planning software make you an all star? Turn that apron around to a cape! Let Health-e Pro Production help make you a hero! Fill out the form below and we’ll reach out to show you what Health-e Pro Production can do.

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