Digital Menu Boards

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Digital Menu Boards

We’re excited to announce our latest product to join the Health-e Pro Menu Planning line-up: Digital Menu Boards! Our goal is to provide an easy-to-implement and easier-to-manage way to display your menus on digital displays. We’ve been getting a number of questions about this new product, and we hear your questions. Read on for answers to some of the questions you may have.

What is needed to get started?

  • A TV screen with an HDMI port
  • Communications software
  • Receiving device that plugs into the TV
  • Wireless keyboard/mouse to control the receiving device
  • wireless internet access to receive content
  • Planned menus from Health-e Meal Planner 

Is a receiving device required for every screen?

Yes, each screen will need its own receiving device.

Can I use the same wireless keyboard and mouse or does every screen need one as well?

While you could use a single keyboard and simply move the keyboard wireless receiver from screen to screen, it would be much easier to have separate keyboards for every screen. Think of the receiving device as a computer and the TV as the monitor. Each computer works best with its own keyboard & mouse. For this reason, we recommend having a keyboard & mouse for each screen.

What kind of hardware is needed? TV? Computer Monitor?

A TV screen will be needed for each menu board. The TV must have an HDMI port. In addition to the TV screen, a receiving device needs to be plugged into the TV to display the menu boards.

Does the TV need a USB port?

No, however, an HDMI In port is required to attach the receiving device.

What is the recommended receiving device?

While there are many viable options on the market today, we recommend using ChromeBit. ChromeBit is a device made by Asus and essentially allows you to turn your TV into a computer. It plugs into an HDMI port on the back of the TV.

Do I need to have a wireless connection on my computer?

An internet connection is required for your computer, and a wireless internet connection is required for the receiving device that plugs into the TV screen.

Can I purchase the extra hardware I need through Health-e Pro?

No. We do not provide or support any hardware.

How much does the hardware cost?

  • TV prices may vary
  • Our recommended receiving device costs ~$80/device
  • Our recommended wireless TV keyboard costs ~$30/keyboard

Do I need to pay for an outside service for the connection from my computer to the screen?

You will need a Communications service to send your displays to your TV screens. This allows for easier content-to-device management. Our recommended provider offers free accounts for a limited number of menu boards and educational discounts on paid accounts.

Can I use other communications services besides your recommendation?

Yes, any service that allows HTML5 web content can be used.

How much does it cost to publish menu boards?

The Essentials version is free if you are subscribed to the Premium package of Health-e Meal Planner with the mobile app.

The WebConnect module is required. If you do not have the mobile app, the cost is $95/site (all sites required).

What features come with the Free Essentials version?

You will be able to create simple menu boards with an image, title, and menu item list.

What if I want the free Essentials version but I don't want the mobile app?

The price will be $95/site (all sites required).

What different features come with the paid version?

The Premium version will be developed based on feedback from our users.

If another department also wants to use the boards, do they need a Health-e Pro license so I don't have to post info for them?

No, but they will likely need a license to whatever software you use to communicate with the boards.

Can I post the lunch menu and information for the ASB at the same time?

Yes, depending on the communications service you use.

Can I show pricing for a la carte on the menu board?

This is not available in the free Essentials version but may be available in the Premium version.

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