Last year we hosted our Covid-19 page, by offering resources–videos, tutorials, sample menus, images, etc.–to school districts navigating remote and hybrid learning. This year, we’re offering resources for districts looking for guidance in getting back in session. See our sample menus, find recipes in our software by searching for an ingredient or commodity, or view PDFs for several areas of focus. Check back often because we’ll be updating this page frequently!

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Looking for ways to use commodities in your menus? Check out this monthly menu we put together so you can use the commodities you have on hand.

Food Availability

If you’re trying to keep a flexible menu with available items from your distributor, this document can help. We’ve pulled together some tips that can help you be nimble while working closely with your distributor.


Learn more about compliance for your school nutrition program through our USDA guidelines presentation. We cover everything you need to know about compliance for your program.

Recipe Building

Looking to use a specific ingredient or commodity in your menu? Check out this video to see how you can find recipes from specific ingredients in Health-e Pro here.


Do you know your food costs? Your labor costs? Your MPLH? This PDF mentions a few pointers for making sure you understand the financial health of your program.


After this last year, it’s understandable to be physically exhausted and emotionally spent. Here we offer a few ways to help boost the morale of you and your team.

Local Marketing

With powerful software and technology at our disposal, how can we better promote our Child Nutrition programs? We provide a few tips that might help here.

Back In Session Webinar

Watch the full Back In Session Webinar, take a quiz afterward to receive professional development credits, and view the slides used in the presentation. 

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