My School Menu Boards

Display Your Meals and Menus


Save Time

In just a few minutes, you can quickly and easily publish your menus in Health-e Pro to your menu boards.

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Save Money

Rather than spending tens of thousands of dollars, Menu Boards are INCLUDED with your Health-e Pro Premium Package.


Stay Compliant

Quickly and easily display your menu items at Point of Sale for students to see all items being offered that day.

Because The Menu Drives Your Business

Health-e Pro offers Menu Boards to its customers! With very simple hardware and just a few minutes of setup, you can display menus and meals in your schools with the same intuitive, seamless interface you’ve come to expect with Health-e Pro!

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Seamless Integration

Syncing directly with your published menus, you can publish to your digital menu board cards quickly and easily when paired with digital signage software.


Simple Setup

We provide a list of recommended hardware and easy-to-use software to get you started–and at an affordable price!


Intuitive Software

Add a menu, images and cards all within a matter of minutes with an easy-to-navigate interface that links directly to Health-e Pro.


Easily Customizable

Any last-minute changes to a menu in Health-e Meal Planner can be synced easily to your digital menu boards.


Advanced Filtering

Pick and choose which menu items you want to display on your Menu Boards, from snacks, to meals, and everything in between!


Image Library

With preloaded images to choose from, you can make your digital menu boards fun!


Using Health-e Meal Planner, plan your nutritious and compliant meals for your district.


Publish your menus so they are available to parents and students to view online.


Within My School Menu Boards, create digital slides to present menus in your cafeteria.


Using communications software, send your digital slides and menus seamlessly to a screen.

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Have more questions?

Check out our Menu Boards FAQ page to learn even more about our new Menu Boards. We’ll tell you everything you need to do to get started using our display software.

That was easy.

Planning, publishing, and displaying your menus has never been so easy. Contact us to learn how you can get started with Digital Menu Boards.

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