The  2019 Annual National Conference (ANC) for School Nutrition  will be held in St. Louis Missouri this year and Health-e Pro is thrilled to join the conversation and fun!

Every year, people gather from across the country to explore the latest in school nutrition, attend informative sessions, and complete continuing education credits. Food service directors love to see the new trends across School and Child Nutrition and learn how they can implement them in their schools! Whether you’re tasked with finding a new piece of equipment, checking out the latest food products, or identifying the best menu planning software, ANC19 has you covered.

This is Health-e Pro’s 5th year at ANC showcasing our menu planning and nutrient analysis software to schools and organizations all across the country. Health-e Pro’s goal at ANC19 is simple: we want to show everyone how to streamline the menu planning process and how easy it can be to calculate compliance within your menus. Ultimately, our goal is to make great food service directors.

This year, Health-e Pro is with PaySchools in booth #2391–right beside JTM! Health-e Pro will be offering interactive demos: showing you how KPIs are calculated within the software and offering a glimpse of our digital menu boards.

ANC19 Booth Map

Sessions to See

In addition to software, equipment, and new food products, continuing education sessions are always a hit at ANC. Here’s a quick guide to our favorite sessions and why you can’t miss them:

Accommodating Special Diets: Sunday 1:00 pm–2:00 pm; Key Area 1 – Nutrition: Speaker(s): Emily Grody, RD, LD, Ruth Taylor, MS, RD, LD

Why it made our list:  Special Diets are a growing concern for food service directors, and they are spending more time than ever creating special diet menus and providing accurate documentation for these food items. This session looks to provide a few tips on the easiest ways to accommodate special diets.

How to Calculate and Establish Meals Per Labor Hour (MPLH) Monday 2:00 pm–3:00 pm; Key Area 3 – Administration Speaker(s): Kymm Mutch, MS, RDN, CD

Why it made our list: Controlling expenses is critical to running an efficient food service program, and understanding labor costs is one of the keys to success. In this session, Kymm will explain the metrics behind meals per labor hour and show you how to calculate MPLH. We’ve seen Kymm speak at other sessions before, and her sessions are always a hit–and jam-packed!–due to her expertise and approach.

Gettin’ Saucy with Your Menus! Monday 8:15 am–9:15 am; Key Area 1 – Nutrition Speaker(s): Sharon Schaefer, SNS

Why it made our list: Menus can become mundane with the same rotating menu items.  In order to get students excited and engaged in your program–sometimes food service directors have to get really creative! This session shows how you can take your simple menu items up a notch with ideas from a dynamic thought-leader in Child Nutrition!

Click here to view all education sessions.

Things to do in St. Louis at ANC19

St. Louis is a city known for the arch, but has much more to offer than just the views! A lot of the attractions within the city are even free for admission! The Art Museum , the History Museum, and the Zoo are all free to enter!

Saint Louis Zoo has many attractions like the Sea Lion Show or even a Safari Tour! The zoo has even been ranked the nation’s top zoo for a couple years in a row with the Sea Lion Show as the top attraction, so go enjoy a stress-free day at the zoo while visiting!

St. Louis is also the home of the St. Louis Bread Company! Never heard of it? Well, you have probably heard of Panera Bread, which was originally called the St. Louis Bread Company! In St. Louis, they continue to use the original name, so we recommend stopping in to grab a bite to eat and see where it all began!

Want to get our and enjoy the summer air? Forest Park is one of the largest urban parks in the United States! With miles of walking trails and bike paths, it is the perfect place to relax before ANC19. Forest Park even has a pavilion that is a great spot for a company picnic!

Health-e Pro is thrilled to be a part of ANC19 this year. There is a lot to get out of the exhibit hall, the sessions, and St. Louis, so we hope to see you there! Stop by booth #2391 to meet our team and see how you can streamline your menu planning.