Behind our Menu Planning Software is an exceptional Support Team that provides not only initial training, but continuous training to guide you through the program. We continually work at improving our software based on customer feedback and pride ourselves on delivering friendly and responsive customer service.

Last summer our production module had a complete update–80% of the changes were based off of customer feedback! From working in the software, customers reached out to the Support Team and told us what would help make their district or organization more successful.

Our Support Team has a wide variety of experience: from past foodservice directors to registered dietitians to IT experts, they can tackle any question you may have.  With in-depth knowledge of our menu planning software and the child nutrition industry, our Support Team is only a click away–available via phone and email.
So, how can you get the most out our Support Team and Health-e Pro’s menu planning software?

Read on to learn 4 of the top ways they can help you, your district, or company.

1. Personal Training

We want you to be a success and that is why 1-on-1 training is included with any package with Health-e Pro. With a streamlined process for initial setup, we will guide you through the software modules step by step until you are able to navigate confidently.  

With each training building off of one another, you will soon become a Health-e Meal Planner expert. Our goal with personal training is to show you the full potential of not only the software, but your capabilities as a menu planner!

Your success is our success: let us help you succeed as you invest time in helping your district provide better nutrition for kids at your school.

2.  Weekly Webinars

Along with essential training, we offer professional development credits for attending our webinars. Our webinars include new feature training, as well as tips and tricks so you can get the most out of our menu planning software.

Our webinars help keep you in the know with topics like USDA Standards. Some webinars aim to help you better market your school nutrition program with topics like “How to market your online menus” offering step-by-step instructions on circulating press releases, displaying lunchroom signage, and utilizing our mobile app.

Health-e Pro provides monthly software updates and with that comes additional training from our webinars to keep you in the know with the newest features of the software and the school nutrition industry. If you can’t attend, we record all webinars so you can watch them at your convenience.

With a wide range of topics, Health-e Pro’s Support Team wants to support you through all the aspects of school nutrition, not just using menu planning software.

3. Support Articles with Video Tutorials

Have a question about a specific functionality? Want to learn how best to use the recipe module?  Not sure how to implement a new feature? Our Support Team has created hundreds of step-by-step instructions that include screenshots and videos of how to navigate through your specific questions. With every day comes a new chance to learn something new, so let our support articles help guide you through.

Maybe you missed something in a training or are having a technical issue. Let our support articles guide you through the steps to get you back to menu planning.

4.  Submit a new idea!

Our product continues to evolve based on feedback from our customers. Do you have thoughts on enhancements? Do you want to share what you think could make Health-e Pro better? You can submit an idea within our Support Pages. Our Support Team would love to hear your suggestions and provide feedback to what that would look like in our menu planning software and if it is a possibility!

Your job in the school nutrition industry should be made easier with your menu planning software, so let our Support Team show you how to do that!

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