Along with some helpful insight into trends moving into 2019, Health-e Pro has School Nutrition recipes to help keep compliance while serving flavorful new recipes!

In this blog post, we will explore 4 new trends and school nutrition recipes to go with them! We invite you to try out new school nutrition recipes in 2019 and have provided some great examples–substitutions allowed!

Plant-Based Foods

Special Diets are increasing and the demand to find school nutrition recipes to accommodate them is high. Finding alternative solutions for special diets doesn’t have to be challenging, you just have to be creative in finding new things to serve in your kitchen! One trend gaining in popularity is plant-based foods. Some districts are even participating in Meatless Mondays.

This switches out the meat in a recipe for a plant-based item. For example, serving a veggie patty instead of a cheeseburger patty or even serving a veggie taco instead of using ground beef!

Meatlesss Monday benefits

See below the recipe we have for sweet potato tacos!

Regional Flavors

Foods influenced by regions across the country can bring flavor and fun to any recipe. We can easily get caught up in the ease of the monotony in the kitchen, but we have to be bold like regional flavors and bring that variety of flavor into our recipes!  One great thing about using regional flavors is that you can add them to a recipe you already serve!

Our biggest tip when serving new flavors is starting with a comfort food you know kids like, then introducing it to them in a new way!

One of our favorites is nachos served south-of-the-border style! Kids love nachos, but what about changing the toppings to include new, bold flavors. Barbecue nachos with chicken or beef, roasted corn, and cheesy barbecue sauce sure does sound good to us!

Nachos Recipe

Farm-to-School Products

It is no secret that Farm-to-School has become one of the hottest trends. More and more School Nutrition recipes are coming from local products.

Farm to School can start small, like serving students a single local product, but as it grows, the possibilities of creating a full, local menu is on the horizon!

Taking it to the next level comes in time. A simple example is your school serving apples from a local farmer. This could further expand to using apples in parfaits such as creating a Baked Cinnamon Apple Parfait or using apples in a salad such as a Harvest Apple Kale Salad. – Julie Raway, DCMO BOCES, NY

Learn more tips on how to get started with your Farm-to-School Program here!

One recipe that our customer has implemented using local products from a farmer is an orange ginger kale salad recipe–it has even been taste-tested by students!

Salad Recipe

New methods of serving food

“The food truck trend across the United States has evolved over the last decade from niche markets in California to a nationally recognized phenomenon.”

One of our very own districts, Rapid City School District in South Dakota decided to give this new trend a try They were looking for a way to serve nutritious meals to kids who did not have the ability to travel to a food site.

Starting out using the food truck for their Summer Meal Program, the district also puts the truck to use during the school year by keeping it on campus to serve meals out of! “We’ve put together a completely separate menu that’s only available to them,” Janelle Peterson said.

Using the food truck has been a great opportunity to provide variety to their students and create a fun environment.

Our responsibility in the school district is to make sure our kids do their best in the classroom and that involves not worrying whether or not the kids have a good meal. We take that pretty seriously here. -Janelle Peterson, FS Director, Rapid City

All of these recipes can be found in Health-e Pro’s global database for you to use on your menu. We hope this provided some inspiration for your kitchen going into the New Year!