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Health-e Pro is a dedicated team of school food service professionals who have excelled in their field. Founded by Silver Plate recipient, Meg Chesley, we are passionate about providing extraordinary products and services to make your job easier. We have been in your shoes! We’ve worked the lines, planned menus, undergone program reviews and met budgets. We know the business and we know how to help you achieve your goals.

We listen to your needs and understand your unique program requirements. Our goal is to find innovative solutions to help you save time, save money all while remaining compliant with the myriad of regulations and challenges that you face everyday.Whether you are a large multi-site district with central kitchens and unique needs or a small one school district, our team can help you build your customer base while creating delicious meals that your kids and parents will love.

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checkSave Time.  checkSave Money.  checkStay Compliant.

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